Happy Days After Thanksgiving

So, today is two days after thanksgiving. How do you feel? Are you basking in the afterglow of spending quality time with friends and family? Are you fighting depression due to the isolation caused by a global pandemic? Are you swimming in anxiety, dancing with insecurities after listening to everyone else's amazing life plans?

How are you doing?

And today, just days after the family photos and food pics, what do you have to be thankful for?

This is my blog, and I hope that we can all be honest in this space. 2020 has been a trying year for many - but for some, the trials started way before then.

In our house, the years have gotten increasingly tough since 2016. We aren't strangers to heartbreak, depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, defeat, and outright anger. We believe in being honest in our stories. Being honest with ourselves, helps us be honest with God, and through Him, we can be honest with others. Vulnerability is not the antithesis of faith. Reality does not negate spirituality. Acknowledging reality through the lens of faith is necessary for intimacy and growth.

When thinking about my holiday season this year, God brought this picture from Luke 22 to mind:

In Luke 22, Jesus sits with his disciples and shares a final meal before sacrificing His life for us all. While at the table, He