Will I be a Successful Writer?

Most successful writers will tell you there are three main reasons aspiring writers fail:

  1. They aren't great writers. Yes, it's 2020, but spelling and grammar still matter, people - at least a little bit.

  2. They aren't consistent. Successful writers write often - plot twist, they make time to read too.

  3. They write for themselves. This may be the most important point. Successful writers do not just write for themselves; they write for a target market.

All that being said, I don't know if I'll be successful with this blog. My spelling and grammar are stellar; go ahead and hit that Get Started tab if you're a non-fiction Christian author looking for an editor. I love reading, although most of my reading now consists of web articles (Yep, this counts!). I also love writing, so consistency I can do.

However, I've decided that I write for myself.

I'm not doing pretty pictures unless I take one I want to show off.

I'm not doing hashtags unless I find them funny.

I'm not doing links unless I think they're beneficial.

I write because it's too hard not to. I write because when I don't, my thoughts fill up my head and spill out of my eyes in hot tears. Unwritten thoughts burden my soul. They cause my teeth to grit and my jaw to tense.

Unwritten thoughts lead to chaos in my spirit.

So, I'll write.

I'll write because it's what God has called me to do, and not writing is disobedience.

I'll write because God has given me a gift for connecting the seemingly mundane dots of life to the life-giving power of His word.

I'll write because God has called me a teacher, a mother, a wife, and a friend - I'm a researcher, an observer, a counselor, and a coach.

I have things to say, so I write.

I pray the words you find on this page are beneficial to you. I pray that they help you reflect, learn, and grow. Maybe they'll help you heal. Maybe they'll help you forgive. Maybe my stories will simply entertain you or spark curiosity about this God you've heard so much about.

Or maybe there'll be no connection at all.

I don't know. But obedience is better than sacrifice, so I'll write.

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